I can play live instuments over any backing track to make your Karaoke experience even more fun, I call it "Liveaoke".  That means you as the singer can interact with me, the musician, so you aren't simply standing about looking at a blank screen when there is nothing to sing.

I have tens of thousands of songs in my database so chances are there is something you know.  I can also transpose the songs which means if the song is too high for you to sing I can change it so it is lower and therefore it is easier for you to sing.

I print off the lyrics so you dont have to look at a screen.  I can play the piano, guitar (electric and accoustic) or bass guitar depending on the song.  If I dont have a backing track for your song, or if I dont know your song, I can go online and get the chords and play it by ear.  

Wedding pianist in Glasgow

Glasgow Wedding Pianist

Glasgow Wedding Pianist

I provide music for any occasion, funerals, parties, graduations and especially weddings.  The sound of live piano music at a wedding can create the perfect relaxed atmosphere to encourage mingling and conversation over drinks and canapés.