Write you a song

For that special gift why not let me write you a song.  You can supply me with ideas for lyrics, you can decide which style you want.  Then leave the rest up to me.  You can have a song played for your first dance that no one will ever have heard before.  This service starts from £100.  Every song is different and some may require more work than others.

Three sample songs can be heard below.  These would be ideal for a first dance.  Listen to the lyrics and imagine having a song written about you.  I would give the lyrics and music to the band so they can learn it and perform it live on your wedding day.

Below is a song I wrote for a couple about their wedding day.  They had a professional singer to sing it.  
I provide music for any occasion, funerals, parties, graduations and especially weddings.  The sound of live piano music at a wedding can create the perfect relaxed atmosphere to encourage mingling and conversation over drinks and canapés.